Our Services

We provide an eclectic range of services ranging from mobile and web application development to ERP solutions and copywriting service - Moreover, we are equally comfortable working with clients of varying statures; from individuals to startups and SMEs to MNCs, we excel at providing solutions to all your IT needs regardless of whether it related ERP, AI, VR, BI or ML requirements.

Mobile Applications

Let us build an app for you that increases your following and drives your revenue.


Android is the most used operating system in the current market, resulting in ever-growing demands of android applications. Modern consumers, whatever industry they may belong gaming, entertainment, healthcare, etc., always demand innovative and value-added applications which must be constantly updated. Fulfilling these demands has kept our mobile app development company toe to toe with the current innovations.


Mobile app development has been being a cornerstone for vtsl due to which we have always kept ups with the latest advancements and innovations in the field of mobile app development. Hence when it comes to development of IOS applications, our mobile application development company strives to create such products that enable our clients to enhance their business growth.

Web Applications

Have you ever had an amazing idea that would elevate your company’s status higher than your rival but you weren’t sure how to implement it? You didn’t know whether you want a website, a mobile app, or a software? Don’t worry! Allow us to develop a highly customized IT solution whose uniqueness allows you to beat-off your competitors.

Personalised Websites

Customized websites, a collection of web pages that contains unique content to retail, divert, enlighten, or inform your business products to a wider audience. Our custom development company creates websites that are highly customized, ingrained with vibrant designs, and based on the latest tools and technologies. These sites allow you to spread your business message and increase your global presence.

Open Source Development

We excel in the field of open source development, our skilled team members create highly customized web applications, software’s, and mobile apps by using open source frameworks. Our custom app development teams have the know-how of creating open source solutions that are highly secure, reliable and robust. These solutions not only solve your existing problems but can also be modified in the future.


We Have A Good Deal Of Experience Working on Developing quality content for the best of brands and we guaranty a boost to your brand with our content Message Input

Article Writing

The sole endeavour and venture of our clients are to trickle in viewership, generate interest, and ignite customer engagement, and that is precisely where we facilitate them. We are equipped with a fluid project management strategy, whereby curating customised, original, intertwined with value, informative and SEO optimised content becomes rather intrinsically viable for us. We at Copy Writing Experts, empower our clients to funnel in sales, drive qualified leads, and create an impact on their target audience with our relevant ideas and highly enriched skillset.

Blog Writing

Are you seeking a quick turnaround blog writing service? Convey your idea and vision, attune the tone and style accordingly, captivate your target audience, and boost your traffic and search rankings with our practised copywriters. Our custom blog writing service encapsulates the very essence of our client’s conception; we handle each phase of the blog management process, we ghostwrite the project, empower our client to skyrocket their brand’s visibility and increase their clientele exponentially.

CV & Cover Letter Service

Get ready to fly high and fetch your desirable job!

Your resume and cover letter are the most important documents you own. It’s a tool that paves your future and delivers the right mix of information to attract the recruiters’ attention for all the right reasons. It’s an opportunity to unlock your personality and maximize your chances to get invited to an interview.

Now stand out from the crowd and secure more interviews in today’s competitive landscape by engaging our professional resume & cover letter writers. A successful resume helps blend your unique abilities and professional profile. It concisely details who you are and what you can offer!

Our experts know what encourages recruiters to take a bet on you, so we provide not only well-designed but also a well-targeted and keyword-rich document to help you meet the requirements of various applicants’ tracking software

We guarantee:

 Superlative Salutations & Well-Curated Stories

 Truthful But Promising Career Streaks

 Synchronized Personal and Professional Abilities

So, consider yourself head & shoulders above other competing candidates and increase your interview success rate exponentially. Hire our experts and show your worth and credibility. Let your voice be heard with our professionally designed resume and cover letter!

Portfolio Managment

Portfolio management in a coordinated way helps businesses to evade confusing their customers, spending in intersecting product creation and marketing efforts, and increasing its brand value at their own rather than their competitors' expense. At VTSL, we offer a wide range of portfolio management services to our customers which enables them to drive business engagement

Business Consultancy

Take our professional and expert advice regarding the decisions you need to make in order to move ahead and take your brands towards new horizons. Our consultancy and guidance will drive your accomplishments for the coming decades.

Profile Management

Whether it’s for your customers or your own team members, we offer you profile development and improvement services along with their effective and proficient management. We list down qualifications, competencies, accomplishments, and performance for each to make it an easy reference for you to use.


We have perfected our approach to branding by focusing on various aspects of your brand that range from fliers and brochures to logos and customized websites tailored to effectively penetrate your target markets

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers & Brochures play a vital role in enhancing the marketability of any brand. It makes the communication between a brand and its targeted audience more effectively. At Rostrum, we create well designed and appealingly brochures and flyers that promote your brands. With relevant layouts and aesthetics, our brochures follow your brand’s theme to present your audience an identity and personality that inspires them.

Stationery Design

Branding your logo or name on office stationery has become a key method for marketing your brand. We offer a theme-centered approach to incorporate your brand identity into your everyday office materials. This includes envelopes, writing pads, desktop calendars, diaries and much more. We products are based on transcendent designs that get you noticed and makes you stand out.


VTSL is a creative design agency that offers multiple creative design services to its customers that focuses on the integration between design, technology, and marketing. Designs created by us are purpose-based. They provide a medium to our customers through which they communicate and engage users and turn them into buyers.

Creative Logos

Have you ever noticed that logos of corporate businesses have remained unchanged for decades? Ever imagined why? Because a good logo is the foundation of a business, without which it becomes irrelevant in the eyes of their consumers. Therefore, it is important that the initial logo of any business has such potentials that it fulfills its needs while lasting for hundreds of years.

Web Design

Expanding your online presence is an essential exercise that most brands must go through in order to establish a solid hold on potential customers. Your website is your central asset for initiating your online presence. We leave no stone unturned to make it nothing less than superb in order to maximize your customer engagement and retention. We create creative website designs that allow our customers to engage their potential market segments in a far superior way. Word Press, JAVA, PHP, HTML we offer you extensive layouts based on all of these platforms.

Content Development

The power of your brands comes from the quality of your content, and that's where VTSL comes. We have a team of highly proficient writers and brand managers who ensure that the verbiage on your sites are of the best quality.

Reserve your spot for sustained growth and profitability with our Meta tags inclusive, impactful, persuasive, and strategically curated web copywriting service. We are certain of our boundless creative liberty, our limitless ability to create exposure and credibility by weaving words, and our highly cultivated and polished capacity to refine each aspect of the development process. So, balloon your brand’s presence, elevate your search rankings and glean the trust of your clientele with expertise rendered by Copy Writing Experts.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are paving new avenues for businesses around the world.

Human Resource Management System

Our HRM system is a fully scalable and customizable solution that is ready to be plugged into any operational framework regardless of the size or type of structure. We provide it as a licensed service or as a white label solution with your branding.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM solution we designed is a state of the art solution that streamlines correspondence between your customers and your support team. We include email as well as voice support and financial records.